Raw Water

Maximizing Raw Water Resources

From drinking and cleansing to agriculture and development, our communities rely heavily on sustainable raw water supplies. However, aging infrastructure, degrading water quality, and diminishing supplies create challenges that are burdensome to manage. To overcome these challenges, water providers are continually looking for long-term, scalable solutions that can meet ever-growing demands. But these solutions go beyond textbook engineering design. Appropriate solutions involve evaluating costs, public impacts, environmental compliance, and logistics.

Providence works closely with municipalities and water districts to provide reliable, effective solutions that help communities maximize the use of their raw water supplies. Powered by a team of experienced water engineers, we approach each project with forward thinking and overcome challenges with creative, yet practical, solutions. From detailed pump station and conveyance design to condition assessments and rehabilitation, our team is up for the task

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  • Source Water Wells
  • Diversion/Outlet Structures
  • Raw Water Pump Stations
  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Storage

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